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Bring4you, travel and deliver packages

Bring4you is a website that allows travellers to earn money by delivering packages to people around the world.

Why this idea?

Today more and more people move frequently. Even with all the new technologies it is complicated to send a parcel abroad (most of the time because of the price). Therefore Pierre-Mayeul de Nicolay, Xiwen Jiang and Shuang Wu had the idea of creating parcel carpooling and “using” the parcel market. Bring4you was born in June 2015 in France.

The concept

This parcel carpooling system is very simple. The person who wishes to send a package places his ad on the website Bring4you. The platform finds travellers who can match the demand and the shipper can then choose the offer that suits him best. The traveller takes the parcel to its recipient.

This concept is about 4 times cheaper than traditional carriers. The sender pays on site and the traveller receives the money once the package is delivered to make sure it arrives at its destination. The transport is secure because the packages are insured against breakage and theft across Europe.

Bring4you is a benefit for everyone because some save on their shipments and others refund part of their trip. The company has over 50000 active members and thousands of packages delivered. After conquering France, it continued its expansion by setting up in San Francisco in the United States.

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