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Facebook’s advertising offer for tourism

The famous social network Facebook has launched a new advertising offer directly dedicated to the tourism industry called “Trip consideration”. Its aim is to give tourism advertisers the opportunity to target people who want to travel but have not yet decided where to go.

A new offer, for what?

Nowadays social networks analyze everything Internet users do. They can detect when someone is inquiring about a tourist destination or when someone wants to go on holiday. This offer will capture the desires of these people and then show them ads directly related to what they are looking for.

The Trip consideration offer can also be found on Instagram (Facebook subsidiary). Many people like to look at photos to learn about a destination.

For whom?

Facebook has more than 2 billion users, 59% of whom belong to the millennia generation. It is primarily these people that the social network targets. It has been shown that 68% of Y generation members find travel ideas on Facebook and Instagram. The network also targets all tourism professionals to encourage them to advertise more and gain visibility. Facebook is thus diversifying its advertising offer by targeting the tourism sector.

Tip: To use this new advertising offer, configure it in the settings of your professional page. When creating an ad, you can choose to target people who are planning a vacation. Once activated, the Facebook algorithm will send your ads to users who have expressed a desire to travel.

An effective offer?

As explained, this offer will help tourism advertisers to gain notoriety and generate action from their audience. It is a good opportunity for them to develop their communities on social networks and expand their targets. But advertisements on social networks hardly reach their targets because 80% of users between the ages of 25 and 54 have Adblock type software that blocks the arrival of advertisements.

In addition, several questions arise: does the network go too far in monitoring its user’s actions? Will a person looking at holiday photos be directly invaded by advertising? What are the limits of this new advertising offer?

It may take a few months to prove the effectiveness of this new Facebook tool. But at this stage, it is already an advantage for tourism professionals who want to be visible on Facebook and Instagram.

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