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Find your next holiday destination with the multi-sensory experience

Definitely the best discovery of tourism 2017-2018 is the sensory experience. Combine smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight for a better discovery. The idea is to appeal to all your senses to study your reactions and understand your tastes and desires.

“SenSational”, the tool to find your next destination

The Ebookers online travel agency offers its customers to rely on their senses to choose the destination that suits them.

For this, they created “SenSationnel“, a tool to help them choose their next destination. On the website, users connect headphones and camera and enjoy the sound of crips snow underfoot or of waterfalls in the mountains. The purpose of this tool and analyze the reaction of users to the different sounds and images offered.


When the experience begins, users can choose to turn on their webcam so that it identifies and analyzes their reactions and decrypts their desires. At the end of the experiment, the site sends the user to a list of destinations corresponding to his desires.

Headerpop has tested it for you:

As you understood, the tool was created to help undecided travelers to choose their next destination thanks to their 5 senses. We tested the tool for you … this technology combines facial recognition and multisensory experiences.

At the beginning of the experiment the tool will analyze the facial expressions of the user in real time and thus record the selections as and when the experience.
Just turn on your camera and watch your screen, the tool takes care of the rest, it manages to capture the image and sounds that interest you most.
After 8 different tests, where you choose dishes (taste), perfumes (smell) or even materials (touch) or sounds (hearing), the algorithm calculates the results and redirects you to destinations that you might like.
The entire Headerpop team agrees that this experience is well thought out and quite successful although the destinations do not necessarily correspond to our expectations.
Indeed, we were two to test, one is “adventurous” and the other “epicurean”, for the adventurous the proposed destinations were Cape Town (South Africa) or Auckland (New Zealand), which we seems to fit, but for the epicurean London or Dubai, and here we ask why … there are destinations more recognized for their gastronomy and their sweetness of life than these last two.

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