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The Glamping: roots, authentic and comfortable

The traveler in 2018 wants a different experience, unusual, which he will remember for a long time, his approach is more creative, more curious, more audacious. The world is “Roots” and you have to enjoy it. Tourist offers between adventure and comfort appear everywhere, to live like a Hobbit in a cave or a yurt while enjoying unexpected comfort.

chalets canada

The successful example of Quebec tourism

In Quebec, in this naturally impressive region, everything lends itself to a breath of fresh air, with an area that is 5 times the size of France, you have to make choices. Tourists can walk all the time or simply experience a wonderful, different, unforgettable experience and feel the vibrations of the Quebec universe.

Companies have made it their core business as Huttopia, which develops locations on the east coast of Canada and the United States (from Boston to Vermont via the Eastern Townships). Sutton, a Huttopia website offers tents and chalets that are also habitable in winter ….

Sépaq (parks and sites in Quebec) also offers beautiful tents in a glamorous style as rustic as relaxing. During summer and winter, it is possible to stay in some parks to enjoy the various activities offered by Canada such as snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. From the small inn to the refuge, there is a place to stay for everyone, the important thing is to leave the urban comfort zone and enjoy with friends and family.

Emotions and incredible experiences with Aventuraid in Lac Saint Jean which allows to observe the wolves, to ride dogs sledding and above all to experiment with diverse accommodation (cottage, ecolodge, dwelling on stilts, Mongolian yurt, tent, camp trapper). The sleeping space becomes a place of emotion and unique memory.

Traditionally and locally, cottage life is deeply rooted in the local culture, so it’s following in the footsteps of Quebecers to taste the wood and leave a small footprint before entering the cabin ….

A bit of history: The origins of Glamping

A mix of glamor and camping, glamping appears in 2007 in the United Kingdom and exports quickly to other international destinations. Originally strongly inspired by the famous African colonial lodges, glamping diversifies and offers a wide choice of accommodation.

Glamping seeks to break the codes of traditional camping for an audience looking for the atypical and fleeing the crowd without giving up the chic. Very popular, glamping is one of the new tourist trends.

Although this trend is recent, we can not help but think that camping is not an invention today, did not Gilbert Trigano start theClub Med adventure by proposing villages of Canvas tents at its first “GM”?

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