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Globe Trotting: a gold mine to put yourself in travelers’ shoes

Out of inspiration for your next post on your hotel or destination page? This blog is full of travel tips to reassure and accompany the traveler. A very useful source of ideas to offer practical advice to your readership.

globe trotting

This weekend I came across globe trotting, the blog of Philomène Martinelli, an incurable nomad.

Since childhood, Philomène travels around the world with her parents and her sister. From Asia to America via Europe in van or sailboat, she was able to enjoy a childhood close to nature, off the beaten path.

Today, this 37-year-old mother continues to discover the world with her son Ulysse and her husband Alex. She shares with thousands of people practical pages for travelers, photos of the most beautiful places in the world and some infographics on tourism. I advise you to take a look at her website, pictures are beautiful…

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