Skip to content a car park of choice is an online comparator of parking lots and transfers to airports, ports and stations. Its purpose? Find a parking space at the best price for every traveller, whatever the duration of parking.

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“Motorized travel has become a habitual act. So leaving your car in a parking lot to take a plane, for example, is the daily life of many people.” Martin Mansell (Director of Looking4)

When leaving on holiday, the problem of parking the vehicle often arises, passengers want a secure location and especially at low prices… This is what highlights: the site offers a parking space up to 60% cheaper than a usual one, with the same service and as close as possible to the airport or station of departure. A significant saving when planning your holidays…

The team is constantly looking for new car parks in airports, ports and stations. When a partnership becomes a reality, the new car park is put online and offered to consumers (as in early 2018 with Beauvais airport in France).

Looking4 offers are tailored for your needs

To best meet consumer expectations, offers several solutions:

  • A valet service: the customer gives his vehicle to a driver in front of the departure terminal. The driver is responsible for parking the car in the parking reserved by the customer on the website.
  • Parking and shuttle: the customer parks his vehicle in a car park near the airport and takes a free shuttle that will take him to his departure point.
  • Airport car parks: the customer parks on the official airport car parks.
  • Transfer: also offers the most suitable offer to travellers who wish to leave or go to the airport: taxis, driver, minibus,…

A platform available in every corner of the world

The site offers 1228 car parks (1148 in airports, 59 in ports and 21 in railway stations) in 29 countries. France is a major market with 140 car parks in the main airports. is constantly scanning the market for new territories and opportunities. It is the only site in Australia and New Zealand to offer such a comparison service. The platform will soon put car parks online in Japan and Brazil.

The site is available in 10 languages and has one of the best display speeds on the market.

Through its technology, a reservation and distribution system is also available for airlines, airports and travel agents. They can benefit from services by making available to their customers the parking facilities offered on the site. trusted Headerpop to produce a press kit and a press release. As well as to contact the French press for its promotion. You can consult this work on our website.

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