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Millennials and tourism

The online travel agency Contiki has unveiled the top 20 favorite destinations of millennials (the hyper-connected generation of 20-30 year olds).

We would have thought that at their age, they would have privileged destinations where they celebrate, but no. So at the top of the list: Iceland, Egypt and China. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, dream about the pyramids of Giza and stroll on the Great Wall of China are the experiences that young people want to live today.

Tourism professionals have to adapt to this new generation that constantly wants to travel and especially to LIVE new experiences. According to a study by Expedia Media Solutions, Europeans average 3.7 trips a year against 4.3 for millennials.

millennials voyage

This generation has new priorities.

Let’s see this in a few numbers:

  • Millennials travel is shorter (8.5 days on average)
  • Only 23% of them have a destination in mind when they decide to go on vacation
  • 37% say they are influenced by blogs or articles for the choice of their trip
  • 69% are more likely to opt for off-trail places
  • Nearly 80% read reviews, comments and opinions before making a decision

The leading sources of online planning for this generation are search engines for 51% and OTAs for 48%.

Millennials therefore travel more frequently than other generations. This ultra-connected generation expects 100% digital services to set up their trip; but, when they arrive, they wish to blend in the local culture, to make physical meetings. For this, several platforms exist and connect a local who wants to share what he knows of his city with travelers. Thus, tourists can discover the city differently.


Here are some websites that offer this millennials target to help them organize their trips


Gladtrotter to discover the world in a different way



SoGuide offers local guides and drivers abroad

soguide millennials


Vizitme to live unique experiences with passionate locals

vizitme millennials

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