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Design: these original themed hotels

Following the article “Design: these hotels that tell stories” appeared in Le Monde, we also did our research hotels with really original themes…


1. Boug Tibourg, Paris

At the instigation of Jacques Garcia, the Tibours Village has become a place of absolute fantasy. Between 19th century engraving, Viollet Le Duc chandelier and parade punctuated with gargoyle, the details of this hotel flow with elegance. A neo-Gothic decor subtly combining charm and luxury.

2. Le Priori, Québec

Chic, trendy and affordable, the hotel Le Priori set in a beautiful natural setting, Old Quebec, mixes the natural with the modern. Each room has a personalized decor and is characterized by the presence of an authentic stone wall.

3. Banke Hôtel, Paris

Former bank headquarters, the facade of the Banke Hotel evokes the magic of the Belle Epoque in Paris. From the entrance, the glass dome overlooking the huge and spectacular hall amazed the visitors. The decoration brings together original architectural elements with a contemporary design reminiscent of Haussmann style in the 21st century with finesse.

4. Château fleur de Lys, Québec

The recently renovated Fleur de Lys castle, married 19th century architecture, with international design accents from the 20th century, and the comfort of the 21st century. In order to preserve the spirit of the place, the original monumental staircase has been preserved.

5. The Chess Hotel, Paris

A resolutely “Chic and Arty” address. The Chess Hotel is different on each floor but constantly combines an original and elegant decor with exceptional furniture. We find the talent and style of decorators Gilles and Boissier.

6. Zoom Hotel, Brusselles

The Zoom Hotel offers an urban design, an industrial style with a concept based on participatory photography. It is an idea developed by Michel Penneman, a Brussels designer of world renown. A contest on Facebook has been launched to involve the general public in the decoration of the hotel by making photos on the theme “urban brussels”.

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