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Synbud: the essential travel platform

Have you heard about Synbud? THE platform we needed to easily plan a trip. We will explain everything to you.

Plateforme voyage Synbud

Synbud, what is it?

Synbud has been online for a year now. The website has gathered for us hundreds of travelers testimonials in the form of blog articles. This platform actually brings together all the stories of bloggers who have traveled around the world and wrote their adventures. Synbud works like a search engine: you enter the desired location and access to a real gold mine. You can also be referenced as blogger for free on their website if you have a travel blog.

Synbud’s ambition is to provide real travel experiences and not only restaurants or accommodations address. Here we find stories about the atmosphere, the vibes, simply the life of your future destination. And it totally gets with the times: the target audience are young connected adventurers who conceive their trips themselves in a completely personalized way. According to several studies, the number of young travelers is constantly rising. In 2014, 44% of French people aged 15 and over went on trips as well as 54 million young Europeans.

Synbud plateforme voyage

Synbud gives access to genuine and sincere testimonials told by travel enthusiasts. For tourism professionals such as tour operators and travel agencies, the platform allows you to receive quote requests. For destinations, hotels and other tourist sites, it is possible to subscribe to enhance your offers through travel bloggers. For more info, it is possible to contact them. 

What we like:

  • No need to open 28 different travel blog tabs, everything is collected in the same place
  • The possibility for tourism specialists to become “travel planers” on the platform
  • The small bloggers who have the opportunity to be put forward in the torrent of internet referencing

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